Roulette Strategy

The roulette provides a rollercoaster of gambling thrills for players who are dedicated enough. Some people firmly believe that you should only hit the tables when armed with a strategy, whereas others recommend sitting back and letting the lady of luck have her way. Either way, does it really matter?

Well, instead of placing a bet and waiting to see where it will land, some players prefer adopting a strategy in an attempt to better their chances of winning. Here are three of the most popular roulette strategies. If possible,try them on a Free roulette before using them with real money.

The Martingale System

This roulette betting strategy is also known as the progressive betting strategy. Ideally, this strategy is anchored in the hope that one must win sooner or later. Simply put, the player often doubles his bet whenever he loses hoping that the next win would help them recoup the losses they had made before. The only downside is that you might hit the casino’s betting limit when on a losing streak, thus making you unable to recover your losses.

The James Bond Strategy

The James Bond Strategy, named after MI7’s special character, is a straightforward betting strategy that seems increasingly mind-boggling to those who do not know much about it. This strategy spreads your bet on the table. You might bet on 19-36, then place the second bet from 13-19, which will essentially cover half and three-quarters of the table respectively. Add a third bet on 0 as insurance. It is all about reducing your risks.

The Fibonacci Strategy

This strategy is rooted in the realms of mathematical computations known as the Fibonacci sequence. You can start betting with any bet amount. However, this strategy limits how much you can spend on a single session and does not improve your chances of winning in any way.

Notably, as much as strategies do not guarantee success in roulette, they make the game interesting.