Roulette Rules

Ready to try out your luck at your favourite online casino? Winning online is easy,, assuming you know how to play roulette. It all starts with understanding the rules. Different types of online casino roulettes have different rules, so make sure you understand them before putting your money on the table.

Depending on the type of roulette, the wheel and table layout might look somehow different. But since this does not interfere with your chances of winning, the best way to understand the rules is know the types of bets you can make and their implications.

Types of bets

  • Inside bets: These types of bet results when a player picks a number inside the table. They offer low chances of winning and high payouts.
  • Red or Black: This bet covers eighteen numbers. The 0 and 00 are meant to give the house an edge.
  • Outside bet: Cover more significant portions of the wheel, about a third of the numbers. The offer higher chances of winning but relatively lower payouts compared to inside bets.
  • Straight Up: This is the simplest bet you can make on any roulette. You only need to pick a number you believe the next spin will be.
  • Split bet: This is essentially a double straight up bet that allows you chip stack between two numbers and if either number is shown, you win.
  • Trio: This bet covers three numbers, and the chips are placed at the intersection connecting these numbers.
  • Corner/Quad: This essentially involves betting or placing your chip on four intersecting numbers.

Since you have an idea of the types of bets you can make on roulette, also know that each online roulette has its betting limits, which differ for various types of bets. Additional rules like the La Partage and En Prison might help you half the casino’s edge on even bets. As a tip, only bet when you are familiar with the rules of the house.