Online Roulette guide

The roulette is an online casino game that exclusively relies on luck. What makes this game appealing to many is that it is deceptively simple yet hard to master. You only get to understand the gist of this game when you start studying it. There is nothing like a proven roulette strategy. Thus, this guide aims to make you better at this classic casino game.

How to play the Online Roulette

The rules of this game are simple to understand. If you are just starting out, your primary objective should be to make money at the end of the gaming session and not just on every turn. To play, you only need to guess where the ball will land after making a spin.

The roulette has two main sections: the wheel and the table. The round starts when the player spins the wheel, which slows down and the ball gravitates towards in a numbered poker. The table is where you place your bet or stake, and it is made in a way that it corresponds with the wheel.

The betting options

All numbers are either coloured red or green except for the zero, which is coloured green. There are two main betting options to choose when playing the roulette – Outside and inside bets. The inner section of the table has a long rectangle with both back and red numbers. Any bet placed on these numbers or an intersecting line between them is known as an inside bet. An outside bet, on the other hand, refers to bets placed outside the central numbers.

You are allowed to place your bet before the gaming session begins, although you might be allowed to make a quick bet when the wheel is still spinning. Once the ball lands on a certain number or color, winners are paid accordingly as a new round awaits.